Our offer

With more than a decade of experience in both the Elevator industry and the Digital Communication field, The Lift Channel offers customized installations of ultra-thin multimedia displays in elevators cars set in Hotels, Business Centres and Residential buildings. The usage of our displays can be easily extended to other areas of transition in the building.

Our PC software allows you to manage and instantly broadcast through one or more multimedia displays your own digital content (images, video, text, etc.). The installation of our screen in your elevator car ensures you to reach the target of your messages, by exploiting the unique situation of total absence of distractions that is typical of an elevator trip.

Hotels, Business Centres and Residential

Our customers are Hotels, Offices, Business Centres and Building Management companies. By realizing the profit represented by the adoption of The Lift Channel’s solution, they chose an attractive and modern way of spreading their communications and at the same time took the opportunity of giving a new life to their elevator cars.

Indeed, The Lift Channel’s multimedia screen installations result smartly and perfectly in line with the original elevator car style, , immediately justifying a small investment in exchange of a huge increase in communication efficiency and a noticeable corporate image improvement.

Advertising and Infotainment in the Elevator

Within your regular Infotainment content schedule, you have the possibility of including adverts as well, which will be spread along with information such as News, Weather Forecasts, etc. Ads can be delivered in the form of digital pictures, videos or texts and inserted within the normal program. A 15 " commercial video or a picture advertisement lasting 10" on screen are welcomed by the audience as a pleasant entertaining distraction during the transfer wait.

If you deal with local or national Advertising and are interested in a partnership with The Lift Channel, contact us through the appropriate section of the site.